Mrutyamjaya Surampudi [ Jay Surampudi ]

Founder & CEO

Jay is a technically sophisticated and forward-focused professional with a great vision and experience to convert Ideas to Values. He has solid management skills, capable in leading Information Technology workforces to maximize levels of productivity. He is a customer-centric professional and has flair in motivating large workforces for exceeding customer expectations in delivery of committed services. He has 20 years of experience in IT and specialized in Enterprise Application Integration, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Resource Planning, Quality Engineering and Project Management. He has sound working knowledge in various domains like Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, Banking and others. Along with TOGAF and PMP, few more professional certificate jewels are in his crown. Leading a principled and disciplined life, he is a philanthropist and a great motivator for young professionals.

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HRUSTA team is blended with professionals of various domains and technologies. They are self-motivated, enthusiastic and have passion of converting Ideas to Values. Team is built on strong foundations of passion for excellency, commitment and always deliver values to the customers. Team is bounded to the company's principles and always endeavor company's practices to lead by example to others. Team is professionally strong in various technologies and domains like Logistics, Retail, Banking, Healthcare and others.